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"That was the time when musician Péter Müller and manager Károly Gerendai started to discuss the necessity of a big festival," something that could provide young visitors with an opportunity for summer fun while checking out concerts. The timing seemed perfect as nostalgia towards the '60s & 70s - highlighted by Woodstock - had become present in people across Europe. So they turned to Budapest city officials about their idea and got positive feedback from them right away.

The first task was finding the right venue for their party. They wanted to pick a centrally located place that would be easy to protect and keep separate from surrounding neighborhoods. The solution, Óbudai Island turned out to be perfect: they were able to team up with friends who had connections in local government and security services; what's more, it wasn't too far away from Budapest city center where most of them lived either! However, when these young men started organizing this birthday bash themselves (in fact without any experience whatsoever), little did they know how much financial support or office space you needed to pull off such an event...

But the guys did not yet know that online provides financial support for such important projects. Thanks to sponsorship from such a large organization, the guys were able to achieve their goals.

And of course, they told their friends and acquaintances about who supported them. And it turned out that they were already aware that this is the most popular casino online in Finland! And all because online casino Sol has many advantages!

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